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Liquid vitamins are gaining in popularity over the traditional pill form of nutritional supplements. Many experts believe that liquid vitamins are best for maximum absorption. They are absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream and seem to be accepted by the body more readily than capsules or tablets. The Physicians Desk Reference states that only about 3-10 percent of vitamins in pill or capsule form actually make it throughout the body and enter the bloodstream. Liquid vitamins are easy to take (especially for those who have difficulty swallowing large pills) and are perfect for children or seniors. Liquid vitamins usually contain no sugars, carbohydrates or calories so they do not interfere with diet. However, some liquid vitamins do contain added ingredients to make them more appealing in taste. Some brands contain vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, electrolytes, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants - all in one bottle. Many people prefer the convenience and ease of taking liquid vitamins versus swallowing a large vitamin/mineral tablet, or a handful of different vitamin pills every day.


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